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Hi am migrating from Vera to Hubitat and have very little knowledge in general.
In Vera I had an option to change the parameters in the installed devices.
In Hubitat I can't find this option,
Example when I click on Configure nothing happens, I would expect that is where you change the parameters.
In Vera I had to off set the temperature reading of the AEOTEC Multisensor 6, I use to be able to do that by setting the Variable 201 to a specific value to offset.
I noticed an tempOffset under State Variable.
Could I get some guidelines please!

With the driver you are using, you need to use the “Reference Temperature” data entry area on the bottom right. How this works is that it will then automatically set them tempOffset value based on the difference between the reference temperature and the temperature detected by the device.

Once you have entered a number in that field, just click on the “Save Preferences” button on the bottom left and it will make the calculation and adjustments.

The “Configure” button will send the “configure” command to the device. It is usually just required if you change the device’s driver. Otherwise, it is not needed much. It doesn’t bring you to a “configure” screen. All those configurations/preferences are set just below the Command buttons. Saving will automatically upload any preferences that need to go to the device.


Thanks @Sebastien


I've always been confused on when to use Configure and what it does exactly. Does it reset the device to defaults? Is it setting up the Hubitat environment internally (for a newly selected driver for example) but without any device communication? Its such a generic sounding verb that isn't obvious to me what it does and when its needed. And at face value it does sound like a menu option that will pop up further options to configure. Save Preferences makes sense.


That’s a good question. I know it doesn’t reset the device to default. I don’t know for sure what it does do however. I just know it’s required when changing driver.

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I guess the idea is that it runs the configure() method on the [possibly newly selected] driver, which does whatever it happens to do. Again, not obvious. And sleepy devices may not do anything immediately.