Conected device that can be modified to read thermopile voltage

I have a gas water heater that will occasionally get the pilot light blown out by West Texas wind gusts. I have my Netatmo alerting me through Hubitat when I receive wind gusts of 25+ mph but that doesn't always mean that the pilot light has blown out. For the record the vent plumbing is all correct. Temperature sensors don't seem to be able to tell me they seem to give me false positives when the pilot light is still lit. So it got me to thinking. If I could find a device that would read voltage, I could wire it into the thermopile and get a notification that would tell me 100% if the pilot light is out. Any ideas?

Thermopile voltage would be from 0 to 750 millivolts.

I would think that you will interfere with the thermopile operation if you just tie into it. You probably are going to have to add a second one, and some circuitry to change these signals into something useful.

Or something like a flame detector link below hooking up to a door sensor. This is on my project list for detecting my gas stove. Until life and kids got in the way.

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That is neat!

I was looking for something like that to recommend, but nothing came up in a search. There is even a wide-angle 5 LED design on that page.

Interesting "toy", might be worth getting one to play with for the grill to see if I can detect if it got left on.

Now we are talking. I did not know that that existed.

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