Conditions in Rule Machine (not Legacy) showing "unused" when they clearly are in use

Possible bug, @bravenel and not sure exactly when it started. However, I was looking at a rule I made quite some time ago in the 3.2.6 version of Rule Machine. Using C7, firmware

Looking at the conditions in manage conditions, they ALL say unused. Looking at the rule itself, they are all in use. I do not recall seeing this before and it has been at least a year since I last edited. Has been working fine all along. I only went to look because someone had asked another question and I remembered I had a similar rule.

Conditions on left, body of rule on right

Does this persist after opening the Actions page, and then returning to the main page?

That did fix it. Thanks. Any idea what I did wrong to make that happen in the first place? That is the only rule this happened with and my Search Fu must be failing me. 99.9% of the issues I have ever had are caused by me and the other 0.1% weren't actually issues..... LOL

I have seen this behavior as well. It was not too long ago, but it cleared on it's on. Probably because I opened the actions page and then went back, as suggested by Bruce. Figured it was just a glitch.

The (unused) flag is set or cleared by the Actions page or the Triggers page. If the rule hadn't been opened in some time, the new version would display (unused) until the Actions page was opened. It's a one time anomaly.


This may be a more serious bug than thought. I have a tankless water heater that I monitor power with a Aeotec smart plug. It has got right at or below freezing this last couple of mornings and usually that means the Heat strips come on in the tank. I have a rule that monitors this and whenever the heat strips come on I get a pushover message. I just realized this morning I have gotten no message.

I opened the rule, and it looked as shown in the OPs example all rules showed as unused even though they are, and after opening the action page and closing it everything looked normal. This is only antidotal at this point as I had no logging active for the rule, but this is an old rule that has been functioning for a long time. It, as you mentioned, had not been opened in a long time.

I can tell the heat strips did come on because I also monitor the Tankless's energy usage and cost. I can see from the device page that the heat strips did come on this morning. It normally pulls about 20 or 30 watts when the water heater is running, but early this morning when no one was up it was pulling over 100.

So it appears that the rule was not running until I opened it and cleared the unused flag.

I started going through and looking at rules that I know I had not opened in awhile. I have three so far that show all conditions unused. Most I have opened are ok.

Of the three they were rules that are not used very often and I was not sure if they were still working or not. I did find one that I could test easily, as I am at work right now. It worked even though it showed all the conditions were unused. Still works after updating the action page. So not sure why the rule I mention above stopped working, but it is working now and all I did was open actions and close them.

No, not related. The unused flag is purely UI related, has nothing to do with the rule running. You are conflating two unrelated issues.