Conditions and restrictions, oh my!

I just didn't grasp it.
I had help from Robert Morris, I think I did it.
Somewhere along the line I lost it and can't recreate it.

How do I make a restriction out of conditions in Rule 4.0?
Here are my screenshots from my last time trying.

I think I have everything but the most important thing. "end rule" if conditions are not met.

The restriction needs to be the first action, otherwise it won’t restrict anything.

Have you seen this post?

You don't need an END RULE. If none of the conditional actions are met then nothing happens. You might have trouble with the quotes in your message you are trying to send. Try it without the quotes if you're having trouble.

Ahh, I think I have one condition before and one after.
What if anything should I put to end the rule if conditions are not met?

I have seen post and I'm not trying to make an actual "restriction" it my understanding that conditions can be made to act as a restriction.

There are no restrictions in RM4.0.

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What he said :slightly_smiling_face:.

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You can create something similar though with an "overarching" conditional action.

If conditions as restrictions then

so, if your conditional action was if motion turn on but you wanted to restrict it to a switch being off.

If switch is off then
       if Motion is active then
                turn on light

Note: this has been greatly simplified for demonstration purposes.

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! :laughing:

Thanks, Ryan780

I applied the restrictions before the action and it seems to be working. I used the switch and it did not run the action. Tomorrow morning I'm confident it will work when both the condition are true.

Thanks, again.