Conditional triggers driving me crazy

Ok, this is driving me crazy. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what.

This one works as intended. But Blue Iris sends lots of end-point triggers when it sees motion.

But when I add a condition to the trigger it does not work anymore.
The "Motion Blue Iris North and South Cam" is a Virtual Switch.

You can see the conditional trigger is true but still doesn't Fire.

I'm using the local end point in Blue Iris to send a trigger to Hubitat to make a notification. Blue Iris is sending multiple triggers at a time. Also driving me crazy. :crazy_face:
I'm trying to use this conditional trigger to cut down the Notifications to 30 seconds.

Any help would be wonderful.


I suspect, but will have to look into it, that Conditional Triggers don't work with endpoint triggers. This would be an implementation oversight. If that is the case, I can get a fix into the next release.

Having taken a quick look at the code, it is the case that Conditional Triggers don't work with endpoints. I suspect the fix will be to simply disallow them. The same outcome can be had with a Conditional Action as the first action, where either it's a Simple Conditional Action that exits the rule, or an all encompassing IF-THEN Conditional Action, so the encompassed actions only run if the condition is met.

Thank You. I will try with your sugestions.