Conditional Tile Color

Hi Braintrust.

I am sure this is probably a silly question, but… I have a simple group that monitors all my locks. If any of the 5 locks are unlocked it reports an unlocked state. I used the lock template to represent this on my dashboard.

The question is…. When it is unlocked I want the color to be red, not grey (default color). How can I set the color based upon attribute status? Seems like a simple scenario, but not finding the solution.


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The easiest method will be to change it in the template.
Click on the Cog/Settings

Click on Templates

On the template editor scroll until you see lock, click on lock and on the right side under States for Lock you will find two options one for locked and another for unlocked

Click on unlocked and you will have the option to change the background as well as other options



Worked perfectly, thank you.

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