Conditional Rule?

I have a pet house that I have a heater in. Using rule machine 5.1 the trigger will turn on the heater if any of the trigger events happen. have a trigger event based on temp and a door contact sensor. I need the rule that will only turn on the heater when both the temp is low and the door is closed.

I also have tried the Simple Automation Rules using restrictions but there is only restrictions for time and illuminance.

And creating 2 rules will cause conflicting rules, one telling the heater to turn on and the other to turn off at the same time.

Using RM 5.1 you can define a Predicate condition such that the rule will only run when the temp is low and the door is closed. Your trigger could then be when temperature drops below a setpoint. For example....

Screenshot 2021-11-26 125315

The above is with 2.3.0 changes the terminology to Required Expression, but the intent is the same.


Thank you that's what I needed to know.