Component Switch control using Amazon Echo Skill?

I had control of my pool automation using Alexa, but it's stop working. Maybe because I installed a new version of Hubitat firmware and the Amazon Echo Skill app.

I can control the devices from the device page. They show up as component switches, but do NOT show up in the list of devices presented in the Amazon Echo skill.

Have component switches no longer supported in the Amazon Alexa skill?

What type of devices are these switches? You mention 'Component Switches', but that really does not tell us enough detail to help determine what might be going on.

Are these 'Child Devices' of a Parent Device? If so, what type of device is the Parent?

You mentioned that you "installed a new version of ... the Amazon Echo Skill app" ? There has not been a new version of this released. Were you previously using the old, deprecated "Amazon Echo" app? If so, then I would recommend going into the Amazon Alexa App on your mobile phone, and removing anything that is Hubitat related. If you have the Hubitat Skill enabled, disable it. If there are old Hubitat devices still showing up in Alexa, delete them all. On your Hubitat Hub, I would remove any/all Amazon Echo/Amazon Echo Skill apps. At this point there should be nothing Hubitat related in the Alexa app on your phone, and there should be nothing Amazon Echo related on your Hubitat Hub. To get everything working smoothly again, all you need to do is "Enable the Hubitat Skill" within the Alexa mobile app on your phone. It will walk you through logging in your Hubitat account, selecting a hub (if you have more than one), it will automagically install the Amazon Echo Skill app on your hub, and will allow you to select the devices you'd like to have exposed to Alexa. This should be all you need to do to have a working, reliable Alexa integration with Hubitat. Of course, if you decide you'd like more devices shared with Alexa, you simply go into the Amazon Echo Skill app on your Hubitat hub, and add the desired devices, and click DONE. They will be automatically discovered by Alexa without any user inetrvention.

The parent device EasyTouch 2.4 device--a Pentair Pool controller.

There are many child devices, several of which are component switches.

I'm familiar with configuing the Amazon Echo Skill. I have about 30 devices being controlled from Alexa through the Hubitat hub.

The Amazon echo skill is working fine for all but the pool devices. Everything including the pool component switches have been working for about six months. Alexa recognizes the devices when I ask them to turn on or off, but they don't switch. The app doesn't present them under its
list of devices. They can all be controlled from the Hubitat device page without issue.

It was just a guess--maybe because they were child devices they could no longer be controlled? Again, I've been controlling them for months using Alexa through Hubitat.

So, as a quick test, I just created a virtual device using the "Generic Component Switch" driver. I then went into my Amazon Echo Skill app, and was able to select the device with no trouble at all.

Now, I really cannot test any further, as the "Generic Component Switch" device will not update its "switch" attribute to on or off, without a Parent device telling it to do so by calling its parse() command. Thus, my virtual device simply shows up as follows. Note that the Current States section is empty, as expected. In yours, do you see the 'switch' attribute being updated each time you change the child device from 'on' to 'off', and vice versa? It is up to the Parent device to change the child device's attributes.

Yes, the state updates correctly.

Do you found any solution? I got the same issue but its with a driver so I just need to find wich line of code to add to refresh status! The switches works correctly with real switch in the driver but for scene switches it wont update status so webcore cannot see the changes event... Actually, I just want to send the status update to webcore! I just cant find anything on that!

I personally never had an issue... It is probably best if you start a brand new thread, as it appears your issue may be significantly different versus that of the OP.

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I finally got it! Thanks!

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