Component devices not in pick list for Swap Device

The topic has been brought up before, but then closed.
Component devices (children) are not in the drop down pick list for the very useful Swap Device. I recognize they are noted previously as not supported. Being a hack programmer, it still seems this topic shouldn't be just ignored - it's a viable need.

It’s been said before that HE has no intention of expanding the swap device function to child devices because child devices may have “hidden” links or dependencies with their parent that may cause platform instability if broken. Don’t expect that this stance has changed regardless of anyone’s desires.


I don't think that is the right word here. Staff have said in the past that if it were possible, they would implement this.

For whatever reason it seems it would break a bunch of stuff, and there is some limitation that they can't work around.

I suppose a developer could try to make an app to do this, but I don't think it would work because of those same platform limitations Hubitat is working with.