[COMPLETED] Community Clean-Up!

We have seen a recent increase in replies to older threads that are no longer relevant to the current platform version.

In order to avoid confusing new users, we have started a clean-up effort of closing older threads that have been created more than a year ago. This project is to simply close threads (no content will be removed), so that if similar issues exist in the most recent platform update, the user must create a new thread.

Please note that during this project users may notice an increase in the "unread posts" count due to the thread closure notification.

Thank you for your understanding!



Yesterday the clean-up effort focused on old posts under Get Help category. Today I am tackling the Get Started category. If you see a post that was accidentally closed, or was miscategorized and should be reopened and moved to a different category, please drop the link in the following thread:


Another update. The clean-up effort continued today with the catchall "Lounge" category, Mobile Apps and Feedback. Hundreds of old posts have been closed, some of which may have had ongoing discussions. If you spot a thread that should be recategorized or reopened, please drop a link in the following thread:


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