Complete my migration from ST

So to put it simply I have had my Hubitat C7 for a while now. It as been great, but I have still been locked to ST for a few things.

The most prominent thing is I have the ST ADT Alarm panel. When I got it I went all in and got 18 door sensors and 3 Motion sensors. They are the dual branded type so not Zwave/Zigbee and therefore can't be brought over. I know I need to replace them. As of right now I think I want to try to stick with Gen 7 zwave hardware. I am going between the Aeotec Door/Windows Gen 7 sensors and the Ring Gen2 Door/Window Sensors. I hadn't thought much about the Ring sensors until seeing the post from @bcopeland about what he prefers. Does anyone have any thoughts in reguards to a comparison between these two.

I am also thinking about the Aeotec Recessed Gen 7 sensors for doors. May still do that even with the Ring sensors on the windows.

As far as the 3 motion sensors I am a bit torn. Before I got the ST ADT panel I had already started to experiment with the Aeotec Multisensor 6. I have 2 of them and use them largely because they seem to be decent for temp/humidity as well. The motion sensing seems ok but the range could be better and they don't support S2, just S0. Do we have any good Zwave Gen7 S2 enabled motion sensors out there. I would also like them to be pet friendly. As a temp solution I could lean on the two I have to help with motion detection, in place of the ST ADT ones. I also know Aeotec makes a S2 enabled Gen 5 Tri Sensor, but would really like some feedback on range.

Lastly I suspect that the best keypad to replace the ST ADT panel would be with the Ring Gen2 keypad. Are there any concerns I should be aware of if i try to use that.

My goal would be to simply run this side by side with the ST ADT Panel for a while until i feel confident in it as a DIY home safety setup. I know it isn't a full blown alarm system. so don't want to say that :stuck_out_tongue:

Since nobody has commented yet, I'll tell you what I have done. I'm probably going to be called old school but I don't want to mix my automations with security. I have a stand alone Ring Alarm system that works well by itself. Basic system has battery backup as well as cellular backup if the internet goes down. I think they still have a reasonably priced monitoring as well.
I have the system linked to Alexa, which allows the sharing of contact sensors with Hubitat. I live alone so don't need any complex setup.
Good luck on your hunt.

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Actually I am expecting some of those responses. I know there are allot of folks that tend to say HA and Security don't mix. Honestly I have been on that side of the fence before. Largely before I got the ST ADT Alarm panel I have now. Part of the problem there is that once you see how much overlap you can have and how well the two concepts could merge if implemented well together it is hard to just drop the idea. One thing the ADT Smartthings Panel Hub proved to me is it can be done. I never had a issue with the panel, it is just what smartthings is doing now and the uncertainty that exist right now around that system. I honestly don't know if they will brick the perfectly working system i have now simply because that ADT Smartthings relationship soured. This is why i also wouldn't buy into the new Google/ADT stuff now. I know an abundance of caution is needed when talking security so I get why allot of people hesitate as well. This is why i want to run it side by side for a period of time.

I also don't trust Ring's parent company Amazon with my security either.

so your devices are some kind of wifi ? i ask becuase older hard wired alarm devices are common and the alarm panel can be replaced easily with konnected boards which do integrate into hubitat.

Have you checked

You can interface your hard wired alarm so that all sensors are available via Hubitat, I don't really know much about it more than that (I bookmarked it just in case I need it some day). Search the community for Konnected and I'm sure you will be able to decide if that is what you need.

EDIT: This is not good, the ADT you have is not wired if I'm correct.

The ST/ADT Dual branded sensors run over some propritery ADT wireless protocol as i understand it. I believe it is in the 900mhz range, but isn't zwave. yea.. If it was hard wired I wouldn't even be asking. I have looked at before. It has come a long way and it is hard to beat a hard wired system for reliability.

See I know I have to replace the sensors the questions is simply with what. I would like to stay with Zwave Gen7 hardware with S2. That is why i asked about the Aeotec sensors or the Ring G2 door/window sensors.

Ya I know, that is one reason I bookmarked it, I'm building a new house in 2 years and will go that route for sure since I will have access to all the inside of the walls for a few weeks before they close them up (something I asked my builder to have).

i dont know if you need 7 series hardware as long as it is zwave plus.. if the prices is good go for it..
I am using more zigbee motion and contact sensors as they seem to report quicker than zwave and also report temp.

The question isn't if i need 7 series hardware, it is that I would like to be as current to the newest design as possible to ensure longevity of the hardware.

If you have good Zigbee 3.0 sensors i wouldn't mind hearing about them as well.

So I have jumped in and ordered a few items to test. I have purchased a Aeotec door/contect sensor 7 and a Ring door/window Gen2 sensor, and the Ring Gen2 keypad.

So most of it came in. All of the devices Paired easily with "SmartStart" and the door window sensors are working good so far. I had to reset the Ring Keypad G2 and add it back in as it wasn't doing anything with HSM even if it was configured. Nothing was even showing in the logging. The reset and second add worked. I did have to hold in the reset pin for 10 seconds to reset it to factor. Is that expected wit these keypads when added to Hubitat.

Below is a side by side comparison of the Ring Sensor Gen2 and the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 for reference if anyone wants to compare to two parts of the sensor. Both have tamper alerts that generate automatically when they are manipulated. Ofcourse you need something setup to notify you when that happens though.