Compatible products

There is a sea of products out there and it seems difficult to figure out what communicates with what.
What I'm wondering is whether Ring products (doorbells and alarm) and Tapo camera talk to Hubitat and can be used with Apple homkit.

Thank you in advance for your reply :blush:

Several ring products that are z-wave are directly connectable to hubitat. I myself use their outside contact sensors for gates. Thing like Ring doorbells and cams can be brought in with the Unofficial Ring Integration app available in Hubitat package manager. I am unsure about the alarm. I would recommend you start reading here: [Re-release] Hubitat Ring Integration (Unofficial)

As for the Tapo cameras I'm unsure. If they can do RTSP or IP they can certainly be brought in through Blue Iris...

Either "should" be able to be brought into apple homekit. Understand though the Homekit integration in Hubitat is still in beta and Hubitat is going for certification so somethings are blocked from being brought into homekit because of apple's restrictions on certified devices.

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Thanks for replying..:blush:
Will read what you sent..:+1:t2:

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