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Neo Coolcam Z-Wave devices work with HE
Below a list with drivers:

  • Neo Coolcam Door/Window Sensor - Now with Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor (mentioned in 2.0.1 update)
  • Neo Coolcam Power Plug - Zooz Power Switch
  • Neo Coolcam Siren - Dome Siren
  • Neo Coolcam Water Sensor - Generic Z-Wave Water Sensor
  • Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor - Native driver (2.0.1) or Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5


Thanks for the update. The first post of this thread is a Wiki post, which means anyone can edit it directly, if desired. Keeping the first post up to date with new information, such as yours, really helps other users quickly figure out if their devices are compatible.


Thank you for letting me know :smile:
I'll update the first post then.


Anyone know if the GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe is compatible ?


I'm using a Leak Gopher Z-Wave Valve Control (from Leak Intelligence), it is recognized as "Device" but works well using the "Generic Z-Wave Valve".

Here is the fingerprint:

One thing to note, I was unable to join it after several attempts until I temporarily configured the Hub to join all devices securely. After that it joined really fast in the first attempt even though it actually joined non-secure. Not sure if a result of the actual setting or the fact that changing it does seem to restart the Z-Wave interface...

Also, HomeSeer rebrads it and sells it as HS-WV100+ Z-Wave Water Valve, same unit and confirmed working with the same driver by @JasonJoel.


Ditto. Although I will say I had no issues at all pairing it to HE with the default settings. Works perfectly, in any case, once paired.


I just added the a Kwikset Convert Z-Wave Smart Lock Conversion Kit (914 ZW500 CONVERT 15), it is recognized as "Device" but works fine using the "Z-Wave Generic Lock"

Here is the fingerprint:

This model is just an electronic deadlock controlled with Z-Wave (no keypad) so no codes to manage, etc. which other people seem to be having trouble with. Joining it was quite easy and locks / unlocks and reports status changes without any issue.


I have bought couple of MCO Home wall switches and have been able to get them to work with someone's help. I have added it to the list.


@mike.maxwell In the official list of supported devices is there a reason the Tradfri E14 bulb is listed under the brand name of Tradfri when the Ikea Tradfri Outlet is listed under Ikea?


No reason, next edit I'll fix it.


Just got two if these Everspring AD-142-3 dimmers , they work fine using the Zwave generic dimmer driver