Compatible Alarm Clocks?

Sorry if this is not the right place to post this as I am new here but I did perform a search on here and found nothing about this yet so figured I would ask.

So ideally what I would like to do:

  1. Set alarm clock in evening for time I wish to wake up in the morning
  2. 30 minutes before my alarm actually goes off, perform premorning routine (turning on coffee maker)
  3. When time hits, sound alarm
  4. 10 Minutes after alarm turn on morning routine (turn on lights, turn on Nvidia Shield > goto app)

So this sparks a few questions for this to work:

  1. Are there compatible alarm clocks with the hubitat to the degree of where you can specify when setting the wake time as to whether or not to perform certain routines? There is one like this: homekitnews witti-beddi-smart-radio-alarm-clock
  2. Can you make a routine backwards in time dependence of another routine?
  3. Lastly, has anyone found a way to get it so that the Hubitat sees the Nvidia Shield and can perform the task of opening a specific app?

I also have an Amazon Echo which can see the Nvidia Shield, turn it on and off as well as open certain apps but don't know if the Hubitat can trigger an Alexa task or not?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions

While this all sounds rather excellent and you might be able to do it all with a certain degree of trickery I don't know if there are any off the shelf products that will do this.
At least dynamically based off of a changing alarm time.

If it's the same time every weekday you can schedule it in Rule Machine to have Google Home read the longest possible string, paste in some Moby Dick. The routines would fire off with other rules. I don't know about the Shield TV, Maybe with an IR blaster integration, I don't know if it has an IR receiver. Some have integrated Logitech here.

I yearn for similar automations that are easy to make and adjust to my hellish cycle of awakening....

Looks like this thread is very relevant if the shield has an IR receiver:

Some versions of the shield seem to whereas others don't, however, I do have a USB IR receiver laying around that I used to use with a raspberry pi. I will have to see if this works or not but will have to wait to buy the IP2IR device as it is about $100

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Use Google home.
Create a routine and a virtual switch in HE?

When you say Good night to Google you will set an alarm. You can adapt this routine to include to switch on a virtual switch in HE

Oh you have opened the creativity gate for me to so many possibilities....

I don't have google home but have an Amazon dot. I have been trying to link her with my hubitat and your virtual switch idea gave me the idea to set up a virtual switch on the Hubitat and then have her find that switch. This should allow me to let her indirectly trigger things on the Hubitat. Even if the switch is boolean, I should supposedly be able to have Alexa change the switch to "On" which will trigger events on the Hubitat and then at the end of those events have the Hubitat turn the switch "Off".

Glad i was of assistance. :smile:

This is one of the greatest benefits of Virtual switches. You also don't "need" to have Amazon turn the switch off. The virtual switch has an option (preference) called autoOff that essentially turns it into a momentary switch. After alexa turns it on, it automatically turns itself off. I use this for all my "mode" changes.


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