Compatabiltiy with 5 button Ikdea Tradfi Remote wheel

I was hoping to get the Ikdea 5 button wheel remote working with Hubitat as a generic button response proxy. I am thinking of working with some hue lights I successfully have control in hubitat via hue bridge integration.

I've seen the videos about using Hue Eessentials getting the remote paired with hue's bridge, but that seems specific to controlling other ikdea bulbs of the same product line.

I am able to get hubitat to recognize it as a zigbee device, however after that I dont' even see any button presses as log events. It's initially filed as a generic "Device". I've tried a few of the drop down options for Generic button/dimmer/switch but didn't have much luck either way there.

I saw a previous community thread about Hubitat no supporting this b/c of something how ikea works with group messaging. That was from 2018 so I'm hoping maybe something has changed this then.

I see there is support for a handful of other Ikea Tradfri devices, is support for mine something that should be possible if someone wrote a driver for it? (I'd be up for a fun side project; but I'm new the hubitat community so not sure where to get started with all that)

Unfortunately not, the required zigbee calls can't be sent from a community HE driver, the only hope would be if Hubitat implements it themselves or there was a way to change the operating mode of that button device. As far as I know that doesn't exist as a feature in the device firmware. With HE you most likely will need to look at other devices, I really like the 2,4 and 6 button Opple button devices myself. The other alternative is to use the IKEA Remote on a platform that does support it and bridge it to HE, but that is a very different topic.

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Damn, still learning. TIL zigbee doesn't mean all zigbee is created equal. Thanks for the confirmation though.

I can find posts from 2019 still repeating the same information, but since people always seem to find the thread I started in 2018 wondering about these devices (the community was a lot smaller back then and I apparently happened to be the first person who was curious about them), I've updated my first post in that thread to indicate that this information is still, as of the time of my update, accurate: most of the Ikea remote/button devices won't work (the Symfonisk Remote does, and people have had luck with the similar plain round "wireless dimmer" but not the 5-button "steering device" you have), and lots of their bulbs are questionable, too. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will help people searching in the future. Thanks for putting the idea in my head!

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