Compatability with TRVs and IKEA sensors?

Hi, currently using smartthings hub, while I was impressed finding divice compatiblity limited recently. Ikea air sensor not compatible and very limited support for trv.

What is it like with habitat, does ikea stuff work and what's the support like for heating and trvs and boiler control.

Many thanks Damien

Hi @user6276 ,

Can you give some more details on the IKEA gadgets that you have?

There is a custom driver available for Ikea Air Quality Sensor , but I am not aware of any IKEA TRVs.

Been looking at sandy beach trv not ikea

The Sandy Beach TRV is a rebranded Tuya TRV, it could work with some of the existing Tuya/Moes drivers. Search the forum for ‘BRT-100’

Hi guys, just looking at these TRVs online. To turn the setpoint temperature up, do you turn the valve head like a traditional TRV or do you tap the screen to raise the temperature?

I'm looking for a valve head where it rotates rather than button pressed, does anyone know of any?

The Sandy Beach TRV manual says ‘rotate the knob clockwise…”, so hopefully the manual adjustment of the heating setpoint is done by rotating the knob.

I have Moes BRT-100 and it is almost impossible for non-techy people to change the radiator temperature by using the touch-screen controls. Avoid!

So much for Telegraph saying it was designed and made in the UK.

How good is heating controls on the habitat system. Can I set zones and use both trv temperature sensors but also override it if I have a dedicated sensor.

Also can it detect open windows please?

No joke !

Have in mind, that the eTRV (electronic thermostatic radiator valve) concept is not very well supported in smart home systems that were designed on the other side of the pond (such as Hubitat and SmartThings). For compatibility reasons, a TRV device in Hubitat will show Cooling and Fan controls, which obviously doesn’t make any sense for TRVs.

And of course, most of the TRVs are not supported by Hubitat inbuilt drivers. You will need to use community custom drivers. There is one single exception with Fibaro Z-wave TRV.

The cheap TRVs always use the built-in temperature sensor for controlling the valve. This works mostly OK in Europe where the thermostats are mounted horizontally.

I don’t use the TRVs built-in open window detection option. Instead, a simple RM5 rule will turn off the thermostat when the window sensor stays open for more than N minutes and will turn it back on when the window is closed.

I use HE inbuilt Thermostat Scheduler app for setting up the weekly and the daily schedules. You can override the scheduler by putting it on hold from RM5 rule based on any other criteria - like when no motion is detected in the particular room for more than N hours, no human presence in the room, heating setpoint was manually changed from the TRV knob, etc…

The existing TRVs are not ideal however… My advice will be to try with only one TRV in one room , and if satisfied go on with the automation of the heating control for the rest of the rooms.

Some months ago I purchased Aqara E1 TRV, which seems to be of a better quality relative to the Tuya platform based TRVs. However, the HE custom driver which should allow use of an external temperature sensor is not ready yet.

So it looks like these can be operated by turning the head clockwise and anticlockwise. The question is, does anyone absolutely know if there's a functional driver out there?

Oh, sorry, I've just re read your post @kkossev . Is the Aquara TRV temperature controlled by rotation rather than button/display pressing. Finally, when you mention the external sensor not being applicable, what do you mean by this?. Finally is there a good driver for these. Appreciate your help....Stu

Yes, the Aqara TRV is controlled by rotating the knob.
They kinda work with the HE inbuilt generic Zigbee Thermostat Driver, a custom one with a full support for all Aqara-specific settings can be expected after some month.

I've taken a leap of faith and ordered one. Exciting stuff guys !

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Tuya are quick - here is a new TRV that is an exact copy of the Aqara E1 TRV .. : )

No external temperature support, though!


I would stay with Aqara.

Thanks @kkossev for the pointer. Out of curiosity, why do you prefer the aqara option. Your wisdom in this area is appreciated.

Also, on the subject of aqara not being supported by HE. Are these TRV's stable and do they remain connected. As we all know, aqara devices are very hit and miss on HE. Does anyone know how reliable they are regards falling off the ZigBee network.

Appreciate your help in advance.. Stu

My Aqara E1 thermostat stayed connected to a C-7 hub since the end of May this year without any drop-offs from the Zigbee network.

Any success with your TRV ?

Hi @kkossev. I'm still struggling to connect. I don't know anything about code. Do my logs help you identify the issue at all?

OMG, ive tried again and it's suddenly staying connected and working great. Just one question, is there a way for the TRV to display the current room temperature? As when I adjust the setpoint temperature, I never know what temperature the TRV is actually reading currently?

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