Comparison does not *contain*

In Rule Machine 5.1 is there a way to make a comparison that "does not contain"?

You can use a “not” for the condition where a “contains” condition is used. This will give you the equivalent to “does not contain”.


I was trying to use it in a trigger event and that option is not there. I guess it's only available in a conditional action.

You can do this with a Conditional Trigger. First you create the Condition, with the Not. Then use that for the Conditional Trigger, like this:

This would only trigger if the lock was unlocked with a code other than 'foo'.

Here is the Condition:


This just doesn't look right. I've created the condition but when I try and create a conditional trigger it wants me to also add a capability. The only capability that makes sense is using the device "weather" with a custom attribute of weather contains rain. What am I missing here? I just want the light to be set to blue if the custom attribute of weather on device "weather" does not contain "rain". My other rule is pretty simple and just checks if it does contain rain then make the light green.

Your trigger is a contradiction. Try using Weather reports *changed* ONLY IF (NOT Weather weather contains rain)

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Ok thank you. I think I have it right now.