Compare device temperature with device temperature

I don't seem to be able to compare a device temperature with another device temperature. The devices here are radiator thermostats. I'm not getting an option to select another device attribute. I'm sure we could do this before? Sure I can work around the issue but I'd rather keep it simple.

What drivers are you using in each device?

I'm not sure the drivers matter since i don't get an option to select another device on my if statement. However i am using this driver for my radiator valves Danfoss Living Connect and POPP Radiator Thermostat.

The drivers matter in that they implement certain "capabilities", which are what limit the devices displayed in your device selection. E.g. when selecting a device that is expected to record a temperature reading, HE will only display devices where the driver indicates it records a temperature reading, whether it be a built-in driver or a Community developed driver.

All that said, I can't offer any insight as to whether the drivers you are using could cause what you are seeing, but, if nothing else I may have informed you or others on the reasons why this was important.

Are they built-in drivers or Community / User drivers?

thanks.. Same problem using the Generic Z-wave Thermostat driver.

Hmmm. that seems odd... Might be worth posting a screenshot of what you are trying to setup (most likely for others to comment on in the coming hours I would expect).

I've worked around the issue by creating local variables and comparing them. Thanks for the help.

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I wonder if you have selected 'Temperature Sensor' as the device type? Devices can do double or triple duty, if the device driver author included that capability.
I've never done this before, so I thought I'd try.
I seem to have successfully done it with a couple of Hue motion sensors that also do temperature.
Again, it is device driver dependent, so if the author didn't include that capability, well...

That's why it's useful to know if the driver is a built-in or Community driver, so that we know where to ask the question of what capabilities are implemented, asking either the Community developer or HE developers.

Yeah. From the original post, seeing as he used to be able to do it, I'm see a possible early-morning brain fart. :slight_smile:

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They can happen at any time of day... in my experience :slight_smile:

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