Community sign in bug


Basically, email addresses shouldn't be case sensitive, but the website tells you your email/password is incorrect if you use an upper case letter in your email address. It also fails if you try to reset your password, just telling you to contact Support (but not how to contact Support)

I only found out about the upper case problem when I went to sign up for another account, and it gave the error then.

@Biggsyboi It's a known issue. The settings were recently changed I believe but those that had case sensitive logins previously are stuck with it. New signups shouldn't be effected.

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I can live with it but it would be great if the website displayed a warning about case sensitivity for emails :slight_smile: if possible

I need to sign in with all lower case but I have a habit of capitalizing the first letter in my email address (and my PC's auto complete also uses a capital) and there's no warning about it, so it took a bit to figure out why I couldn't sign in

I deleted my previous response as it sounds like you don't need Bobby's assistance. A reminder would be nice.

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