Community notifications?

Could this be done? I think it would be very useful to have configurable community notifications in the app.

I currently use emails to be notified but it can be a little bit spammy if having a back and forth via messages or a topic of interest is lively.

By "the app," do you mean the Hubitat mobile app? If so, unlikely. But the forum software is Discourse, and that has an app. I haven't looked into notifications much (it's a very thin wrapper around the website, from all I can tell, and I just prefer the website :man_shrugging:), but maybe there would be an option in that app to do what you want. I know even the website supports notifications on desktop, so perhaps that would work on mobile, too.


I run the discourse app on my iphone and it notifies fine.

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It would certainly be possible. I looked into it ages ago and while the generation of an API key that I found was quite dubious, it was easy to make HTTP calls to the Community and get the data behind what you see on the Community page. (Dubiosity not related in any way to Hubitat, more what I was prepared to use to get something working at the time, I'm sure there is a more appropriate way to register an api key).

Basically everything you see is json, a common data format used nowadays, particularly in drivers on the Community. As long as you get an API key you can get access to almost all the same data you see presented on the web page.

Always been in the back of my mind as another use case for my avatar driver.... :slight_smile:

I searched for discourse in play store and came up with several things. Which one is it?



I was able to combine notifications from different "communities" into the same Discourse app, but would like the option to run automations when notifications appear.

I think I'll setup a thread to develop this.... Been on my list for a while now... Deserves to act as another distraction from the other projects I have committed to.... :slight_smile: Just need to find a neater way of generating the API key than what I used originally....

I'm expecting this to be my guide for this (admin settings pending...):

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Would be kinda cool to have a TTS announcement made of there is a specific topic of importance.

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Should be possible from what I remember....

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