Community help - rule for temporary HSM disable

Hi all

Need to pick your brains.

I use 2 modes, home and away, and also HSM armed away and armed night. When the mode is home, and there is no activity on certain motion sensors for 15 minutes after 23:00 the HSM is set to arm night, which uses contact sensors only.

This works fine 90% of the time as all of use will have gone to bed. The other 10% of the time is when either my wife or myself is out and the other is at home. The mode will be home, the person at home goes to bed and the HSM arms.

Second person comes home super late and sets the alarm off, as they dont use the virtual button on the dashboard on there phone to disarm (my wife).

Is there a way or a rule that can recognise someone arriving home, disable to alarm, then re-arm once the front door has been open then closed.


There's a few ways to accomplish. First off would be to track your phones as presence sensors (there's a few ways to do this, but the most prevalent in the community that I've seen is Life360). From there, you'll want to use Mode Manager and adjust modes based upon presence. You can continue using motion for your arm-night HSM mode, but adding in presence will help with the disarming/arming the HSM system.

This is how I have mine setup. Basically Mode Manager handles presence and then arms/disarms HSM based upon which mode it is.


I am using the Life360 and mode manager for that side of things.

Think I have figured it out. My night rule will run as usual and activate night mode, which in turn arms the HSM for arm night.

When someone then turns up, via mode manager this should change the mode back to home, as I have it set to switch modes if any of us arrive back.

I then created a new rule which says if someone turns up between 23:00 and 02:00 then run the night rule again after a delay of 10 minutes.

This should then re-arm the HSM once its criteria are met.

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