Community App problems after C7 to C8 migration

So after what seemed to be a seemless migration, I now see that several apps are not working properly. Even hubitat package manager is not working. There is a (user) behind the "type" column name. I cannot sign into life360 or unofficial ring apps also.

This what I get when I click on package manager app:

This would always be the case, as Hubitat Package Manager is a community, i.e. user app.

Guess I never noticed that before. But, The problem still remains, I cannot open hubitat package manager. Life360 will not let me login, ring will not let me login. My mobile app does not work now either.

package manager working fine for me.. i tested it and i even updated an app with it..

were you on a very old version of package manager.. when was the last time you ran it.

I was all up to date. I checked before migration to make sure all the apps were up to date.

Looks like an Internet blockage to me.. "can't get property 'repositories' on null object" feels like a DNS issue, which is most likely to be Internet.


is yours a static ip setup or dhcp.. if static check your dns as suggested above.. also try network diagnostics

All my other internet devices are functioning properly. Computers work, tablets/phones are working.

Hub is DHCP

The hub was able to register to my account so it had to be able to get out of my LAN

Goto Settings:Network:Network Test and do a ping to a NAME:

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 4.51.27 PM

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Yep it failed. not sure what changed in my router. All I did was swap the hubs per migration instructions.

I used same ethernet cable.

I did a shutdown on the hub and unplugged it for a few minutes. That seems to have fixed the issue!