My Hubitat was disconnect by mistake and I am not able to communicate with it.
Anybody know what is the problem.


Have you set up a reserved or static IP address for it? That is sometimes the problem.

Reserved IP Address. The Hubitat get the IP address from my router.

OK, good.

Are you able to ping it from another machine on your network?

Destination host unreachable.
Packet: sent = 4, Received = 4 Lost = 0 (0% loss).

And what happens when you try to access it with your Chrome browser?

This means you CANT ping it.


Are you sure it’s the right ip? That error makes it seem like it’s not. Have you tried using the portal to locate the hub?

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I was working with the system and suddenly the portal loss the communication, when I went to check the Hubitat, was my Daughter disconnected my Hubitat to charge her Ipad.
I connected back and I refreshed the portal several time but nothing happen

:scream: OMG... Ok well for starters is the led lit up? Secondly it is possible that your router gave it a different IP when it came back online...

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Pulling the plug is never a good thing for any computer device . . .

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The Hubitat led is green and the router port ( Hubitat Connection)
is flashing RED.

Flashing red? That is unusual.. What kind of router is that.. You may try and move it to a different port on the router...


It just the port where is connected the Hubitat. the other ports are flashing green.
I change the Hubitat to another port of the router and is flashing red too.

Ok.. Is it red? or orange? I know it sounds nit-picky but the 2 colors in networking are very different... On some gigabit switches 100mbps devices are orange and gigabit devices are green... And the HE hub is 100Mbps ethernet.. I’m going with the assumption that it is orange and it blinking is activity.. That is a good thing ... So it sounds like it would be just a different IP.. On your router can you look at the dhcp leases?


You are correct, is orange.

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Look in your router for your hub. Just to see if it got a different ip. Unplugging it could have corrupted some things.

Ass soon as I communicate with my router I will let you know


I will order a new one just in case these one is corrupted