Communication between home and remote locations

neCan I have a hubitat communicate to another hubitat? Example: say I have a hubitat at my home with several zigbee devices. and I have another hubitat another location, say my remote vacation home which would be on its own network.

Can I have a rule at my remote vacation Hubistat say when any doors open, turn on light at my home?

So my question is, can I send command using rule between to locations? Both location being on different public networks


Yes. There are at least a couple different ways of accomplishing this.

The rule to turn on the light(s) would actually exist and run on your Home Hubitat. It would be triggered by a "cloud endpoint".

On your Vacation Hubitat, you'd have a separate rule that uses any door opening as a trigger and its action would be to run the "cloud endpoint" generated on your Home Hubitat.

A second method would be to link your Home and Vacation Hubitat's using a community-created package called HubConnect. HubConnect permits you to export devices from one Hubitat to another. And in this scenario, the rule could exist and run on either your Home Hubitat or your Vacation Hubitat.


thanks, I just ordered my hardware. Once I receive it, I will try your recommendation. Thanks for the quick response


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How does the hubitat connect to each other? Through some server, MQTT? Or is it hubitat to hubitat direct? Any documentation on how this is done? Just trying to fully understand the link between the tow locations

Through Hubitat's cloud.

If you use HubConnect, and DynDNS, it is possible to have them connect directly. Although, in general, unless done appropriately, I would be concerned this is less secure than using Hubitat's cloud servers.

will using HubConnect and Hubitat's cloud servers, cause lots of traffic. I'm concern about my remote location being on a cell data plan. Does Hubitat use MQTT protocol? If not, what is used. Because the MQTT is very efficient

No. But I think the cloud endpoint approach will use less. @csteele can address this issue far better than I can.

Hubitat doesn’t have an MQTT server built-in, but there are several community-developed MQTT clients. You’d have to host an MQTT server somewhere.

HubConnect transfers Events. They are very small packets. If you choose devices to mirror that are chatty, that chattiness must be sent through the cloud to the other hub. Pick wisely :smiley:


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