Common Button Controller pattern?

I would imagine it's a fairly common pattern to have a switch that presents as a Scene Controller / two-button device, associated with a light or set of lights, and to program it like so:

  • Button 1:
    • Push: On with some default settings
    • Hold: Begin Level Change Up
    • Release: Stop Level Change
  • Button 2:
    • Push: Off
    • Hold: Begin Level Change Down
    • Release: Stop Level Change

It's certainly possible to set that up for a single switch using Button Controllers. It's possible to clone a Button Controller and point the new instance to a different Button and different light, and do that repeatedly.

But if this is a common pattern, is there an app that lets me just express the pairings and have it all done in one place, rather than making endless clones?

If there's not already, would an app like that be of interest to people?

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You still have to choose the "actions" for each button, but those kind of monotonous configuration with existing apps like Button Controller was one reason I created this. Choose the lights (once), choose the button device, then do whatever with each button without needing to say what device each time. I also emulate a feature I missed from Hue Dimmers on a Hue Bridge, though you can ignore those if you have no use (or if your device natively supports something like this):


That looks a lot like what I'm looking for! Delighted you already did the work. :grin: Thanks!

Okay, so what I had in mind was slightly different... Yours is easier to configure the first copy than Button Controller, but it still has clones for each switch-light pairing once set up. If you wanted to change something, you have to change it copy by copy.

What I had in mind was a single control surface for the desired behavior, then listing out each switch-light pairing to apply it to.

Maybe I'm over-optimizing, though.

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