Commercial Electric 5/6 downlights connectivity issues

I’m at my wits end. I’ve read many threads that mention the Commercial Electric 5/6 LED Downlight ZigBee 53166162 but none of the recent one mention which driver they are using.

Anyone have these working reliably ? Which driver are you using? Are they connected to a standard light switch or a smart switch?

My story below:

Hubitat C8 Platform:

I’ve recently moved into a place with over 40 Commercial Electric 5//6in LED Downlight ZigBee 53166162 (2700k - 5000k) 650 lm CRI 90. It was painful but I managed to reset most of the lights to factory reset with the 5x on/off detect ZigBee Devices process repeatedly as it only detected a couple at a time. Device Name = Advanced ZigBee CT Bulb. Manage to set preferences, test on/off, change intensity, colour. Everything is working as it should. End of day, turn off via wall light switches.

So the next day… The lights turn on with the switch but they are no longer connected to the hub. Some of the lights responds to commands, others do not. So…. I repeat the whole process. Same thing the following day. Some are connected to the hub the next day, but many are not.

I did reboot the hub and the network (only 31 devices are configured).

Currently those not working are within 12’ of the hub. Others are over 35’ away (open concept) and respond. Previously, it was the opposite. Ughhh!

What type switch? Are these lights after a normal light switch? Are the lights powered continuously?

The driver won't make any difference if a device "drops off" the network. The driver determines whether a device turns on and off and so on.

What do you have for repeaters? In theory line powered devices shouldn't need a repeater, but bulbs often don't repeat as they should.

And if you are depowering the lights by flipping a switch, all bets are off...

Yes, it is a normal switch, and yes I know that if the switch is off, no amount of commands will turn them on :wink: Other smart lightbulbs can survive the on/off from a switch so that when power is returned , they are able to reconnect to the hub. Is this not the case with the ZigBee devices? Some seem to reconnect but currently 12 are not :cry:

I have a Buttons and voice commands that will be the future controllers of the lights but until I have this working reliably. The standard switch remains. I’m very concerned at the length of time between clicking and action, when compared to the HomeKit scenes (currently not integrated with Hubitat).

I’m still a little uncertain about what is a repeater. From what I understand, everything is a repeater if it is directly connected to power like the in-ceiling downlight cans. So in theory all my lights are repeaters???? I only have the ZigBee light cans at this time connected to the Hubitat. I was “told” that the house has the Neutral wiring (smart lighting compliant) but I’m having serious doubts at this time. I will have to open up a switch to check.

A version of these is reported to not be.

So that means I don’t have repeaters but the lights that have lost connection to the Hub are the closest ones :exploding_head:

These will not. They are supposed to be powered at all times, and only turned on/off/dimmed via the hub.

You could use a smart switch that has "bulb mode" which would keep the lights powered, and issue commands to the hub to control the lights. The Zooz Zen72 is one example of this, but there are others. Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Dimmer ZEN72 800LR - The Smartest House