Commercial Electric 1006 369 004 Outlet

Is there any way to integrate this outlet with Hubitat (directly)?

I looked around a bit and saw a post that maybe they had to be cloud based with a Hubspace app.

They are IP
ONLY 16 bucks at Home Depot
You can control each outlet separately.

16 Bucks is almost a throw away price :slightly_smiling_face:

Wifi, 100% cloud-based, and (from what I can tell) no public API. I'd put the chances of ever seeing this Hubspace stuff integrated to HE at just about zero.

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Thanks...I have no use for outlets that need the cloud.

That kind of pricing at least gives me some hope that someday z-wave ones won't often be over 40 bucks each.


The Tapo matter outlets have been rock solid... 3 for 24 bux..

Or if you are set on Z-Wave, these are $27 and support Z-Wave Long Range and power reporting:

Thanks everybody, Iā€™m really looking more right now for permanent electrical outlets in the wall.

But will keep the products in mind for future reference.