[Comments & Feedback] on Most Popular Thermostats in 2023

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I went with Mysa - which I think is generally regarded as a better offering… but after that I went “smart home” and sad it doesn’t have zigbee!

It DOES have HomeKit so I might bring it in but it’ll be so darn clunky.

Thankfully I’m still able to have it on a pretty good schedule and adjust from there

Another vote for Sinope for those of us with electric heat.

What’s great about them is not only their energy reporting, so you can keep track of your consumption, but also their ability to use the outside temp display for notification from a local sensor.

I also use that display capability for double-duty. Each one happens to also have a Pico close by, so I programmed a hold on the middle button to momentarily show me our EV state of charge.

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T6 Pro ZWave, love both of mine.

But I also want to give a shout-out to advanced vthermostat. Not only does it save me a ton of money on propane I don't have to burn in my trailer by using 3x electric heaters, but it also helped me avoid paying an emergency holiday weekend service call when our furnace decided to stop working. I just grabbed 2 electric space heaters I had lying around and a couple of spare S31 Zigbee smart outlets and I was able to keep the house at a nice temperature. That use alone paid for all of my smarthome purchases in the last few years =)

I'm still with my Honeywell T6 for the 700 compat.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium with Smart Sensor.

Dumped the Nest Learning thermostat because It was always reading way off and then it would run and run until the house was an oven with the boiler running out of water constantly. With Ecobee, I was able to make an offset adjustment for temp and it runs like a thermostat should. It has made a huge change in how our house is heated.