Commands lag

He has a C-5, so it’s probably not going to be super helpful.


I ran the z-wave repair. No failed devices in the logs.

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I am running

  • protocolVersion: 4.38
  • hardwareVersion: 255
  • firmwareVersion: 2.28

It looks like I'm one version behind on the published firmware. I may try to update the firmware on those when I get a chance.

If he has any devices with no in/out clusters that could be a problem....

That's great news! Unfortunately, you may be correct that the bulbs may be causing problems. I suggest to temporarily exclude them to see if that reduces the latency (be sure to run another repair after you exclude the bulbs).

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Depending upon the firmware version you definitely want to update if possible. Also make sure you are never cutting power to the bulbs according to the instructions.


I don’t have a C-7, but none of my Z-wave devices have out clusters. Since it seems clusters are a Zigbee thing and are really just command classes for Z-wave; are there out clusters with z-wave? I have a Zen77 that I powered up just long enough to update the firmware, but didn’t exclude it. That was a couple months ago and it doesn’t look any different from the others. BTW, I plan to install it soon and know that having it powered off could cause problems.

C5 has in out clusters as does the c7. On the c7 they are at the bottom of the device page. In the c5 no in/out on the z-wave denotes a ghost

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Tell me you don't have Zooz ZEN25 devices ?

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Or 40's

I have 2 Zooz devices. One is a double plug and one is a multi sensor. Not sure of the generation though. How would I find that out?

The double plug and the 4-in-1 are both known to be spammy. The 4-in-1 should be paired without security and the plug shouldn't be used at all. I would posit that one or both is your problem. Remove them from your mesh and see how things are. Can you also post a screen shot of your z-wave details page?

The lag on my network was due to the double plug. Now it's fine but you should change the parameter 18 to value 1 for your double plug. Look a this thread:


So I’ve removed my 2 Zooz devices and everything is working as expected now. Nice a quick! So my Zooz devices were the problem.

So now I need to spend some time and update the devices and figure out how to fix the issues. I attempted to work on the double plug today, but it was taking me longer to figure out than I expected. I’ll have to work on it when I have more time in my schedule.

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So after 8 months I've finally decided to try to update my zen25 firmware and get this thing back into hubitat.

I've Included the device back into Hubitat
I downloaded the Z-wave Firmware Updater
Switched the zen25 driver to the Firmware updated
...and here is where I'm stuck.
I'm trying to locate the 2.0 firmware but I cannot seem to find a link to it anywhere. I searched the zooz site and I just keep going in circles there.

I searched through the thread that @jbilodea linked to but there is a lot of discussion there about different things.... Maybe I'm just missing it.

You should ask @agnes.zooz where to find it, she was helpful.


Create an account on the Zooz website and once you are approved, you will be able to download firmware updates from there for your devices.


They sent me a link through support on their website.

So, I've update the firmware... everything seems to be working. We'll see if I get any kind of lag now. Thanks for all of the help! I get everything set up in hubitat, forget about it and then when I need to change something or fix something I forget how everything works because sometimes I go a long time without messing with hubitat. Everything just runs.

What does your z-wave details page look like?