[COMING SOON] hubiVue native iOS/Android dashboard app

Coming very soon is the hubiVue native iOS/Android dashboard app.

We're currently looking for testers for both iOS and Android.

Contact us at https://hubivue.com/ if you're interested in reviewing and testing.

We are still a month or so away from our first release, but we have plans for many great features packed into native mobile/tablet app that works with the hub locally and remotely.



Will the app require a cloud connection in day to day use?

From their website:

Initially, for setup and the first login, you will need an active internet connection from the device where hubiVue is installed, but after that, a cache copy of the dashboard configuration is kept locally on the device, and no Internet connection is needed or used. The app will regularly try to reconnect, and check to see if a more recent configuration has been updated, but it will continue to function locally on your WiFi network and communicate directly to your home automation hub.


No, as mentioned on our website, the app will work with no cloud or internet connection for day to day operations. You will only be required to have internet access to update the dashboard configuration/design.



Will there be offline design (by that I mean design on desktop and pushed to device?)

All supported devices (phone/tablet/desktop/web etc) allow for design of dashboards, and the UI scales and makes allowances for each platform. Initially, only iOS and Android device’s will be supported, but development is ongoing for macOS, Windows and web - a release for those additional platforms won’t be far behind the initial iOS and Android releases.


Interesting, could you tell me why I should switch from "The Home Remote" to your app ?

I sent a message to info@. Looking forward to it. Will it allow Iframes style frames?

Only you can decide if you should switch from one dashboard solution to another.

An easier question to answer might be, what do you like about The Home Remote and what features does it not currently have that you want to have?


There are many things I like, but the best I can produce really nice dashboards and it's flexible since I can add additional code (if then else and actions) inside each tile. But the problem is that it is not so simple for everybody, it could take some times to develop a nice dashboard.

Then your experience gives you an excellent perspective to evaluate the solution offered by @gslender and determine whether it meets your needs better than the dashboard solution you are currently using.

Better yet, you could even share the outcome of that comparison with all of us!


I was just asking to know if the developer knows HR enough so he could tell me what are the advantages of his app. It is a big job to define a nice dashboard so I wanted to know if it's good enough to try it and develop a dashboard.

My own needs are simple. I do very little remote control vs actual automations. I only use dashboards to occasionally look at the status of something or override the current thermostat settings. Plenty of different ideas for dashboards to go around and hopefully they implement all the good requests :wink:


An example I can give that I did in HR: I have a tile that activate a water shutoff valve for my irrigation system. When I click on this tile it opens or closes the valve during summer. But during winter, if I try to open the valve it will prompt and say: Hey buddy you really want to open that valve during winter ? And then request a confirmation.

Is it something that it's possible with hubiVue ?

Do these apps require the HE Remote Admin subscriptions to function?

  1. I would bet not, because Remote Admin is only required to administer a hub remotely. It isn’t even required for:
  2. Remote Access to built in Dashboards, or
  3. Remote Access to third party integrations like Ecobee or Sharptools or ActionTiles.

No. They require Maker API to be correctly installed.


The current beta version has some elements of custom tile actions, but the level of customisation you're talking about is in the plan for later releases.

hubiVue will be easier to setup and make changes to dashboards using a compatible mobile or tablet whilst on the run - you won't need a dedicated PC or web browser to modify any aspect of the configuration. Obviously large screen PC and input devices (such as mouse and keyboard) make configuration easier, but the app has been carefully design to not require anything more than touch input and scales for the appropriate sized screens changing the UI as needed to make editing easy.


We definitely are interested in any and all ideas - though hubiVue has been designed for the simplest cases (of just viewing information on tablets) or complete control of complex devices such as thermostats etc. It works well in both cases and should suit a wide range of customer needs.


hubiVue comes with a dashboard and tile Wizards to help with the process. Hopefully you will find the editing interface easy to use and able to achieve tasks quickly - but no doubt we will need to add commonly needed features over time to make it truly useful for everyone.