Combine rules

How can I make these all one rule??? Also would like to add an virtual switch to override


Do you mean you want to turn your three basic rules into one rule machine rule?

I have tried to convert to rule machine as separate rules but they don’t work afterwards.. and there is no way to pause a basic rule with a virtual switch..

Just want be able to set Tstat base on 3 different conditions from ext temp sensor


I would create a rule with a trigger of “exterior temperature changed” and then in the actions you can create three IF/THEN conditional statements. One IF/THEN for each of your three temperature ranges (>85, 65-85, <65).

Something like this???

First time using conditional expressions

Hah. Been there. I used to be totally Simple Auto. Now, have a crapload of RM rules.
Still, sorry I can't help. I'm not good with the Else's. I just use a bunch of If's and End-If's.
Maybe use "required expression" for your virtual switch to disengage the rule?

I'm no expert.

Why do you want to combine these rules? In general, more, smaller rules are easier to troubleshoot than fewer, larger rules. They are also normally easier to set up and maintain (there's no reason you couldn't do this in one rule, not that I would, but the fact that you had trouble doing so speaks to this point). I would leave things the way they are.

This is not true. Add a restriction under Add optional restrictions that limit when this rule runs, where you will see switches as an option.

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Sorry, I didn't read that.