Color temp defined by brightness - most efficient means?

I am hoping you may have some insight into an efficient means to control control the color temperature relative to it's brightness, so as to mimic incandescent bulbs. I am running nearly the entire house on hue, and I have used IConnect Hue for their Incandescent mode, but I find the range a bit too broad for my taste, it tends to float around, and it seems to need to be reset manually after playing around with colors.

Pretty much the one reliable solution I have come up with (on a small scale) is to use Homekit (Home+ app) automations. However, with 6-8 independent automations for each bulb (or group - but lets fact it I want to be able to custom adjust each bulb in the room, and have it look aesthetically correct based on how bright is). I also have an "incandescent mode switch" that switches off for color scenes, and and back on for regular mode. It's clever, but way too much funky programming,

What is the best way to do this with Hubitat?

thanks so much for your insight and creativity :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick and dirty Rule Machine snippit you might be able to use.

Say you wanted the light’s color temp to range from 2700 at 1% brightness to 3700 at 100%. Set startTemp to 2700 and range to 1000.

This example reads the level of a light and then sets the same light’s color temp to the calculated value. You could also use global variables to access the values from other rules.

This is just one of many solutions. I would probably write a custom app, but that might be overkill.

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I actually think a custom app would be the best solution for this question. One thing that @mojoereynolds could try is seeing if [RELEASE] Day Lights - an iteration of Circadian Daylight would work with some modifications. It really depends on how often the OP is changing brightness/color temperature throughout the day. If it is generally high brightness during the day and dim at night, a modified circadian might work.

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Day Lights may work for this, depending on what OP is going for.

If the goal was to keep the bulbs "incandescent" (I'll use 2700K) no matter what brightness is assigned, you could set it up with the min and the max temp both at 2700K and use the dynamic brightness feature to smoothly change during the day. This would keep setting the color temp to 2700K with each brightness adjustment.

If the goal is to go from 2700K to 3700K as @lairdknox described, along with brightness adjustments, that's pretty much Day LIght's bread and butter. It also contains the ability to be disabled by a switch, which might work with OP's "incandescent mode switch".

I believe the OP is trying to mimic the behavior of an incandescent bulb, not vary based on daylight. As you dim an incandescent bulb it tends to get more orange. So my hack allows it to vary based on the bulb’s level setting.

Of course only the OP can tell us what the OP’s intentions are. :wink:

This is what I am going for. When in Incandescent mode, I want the bulbs to get warmer as they dim, and colder as they brighten. I am excited to try this. I will report back soon. Thanks so much.

@OldChicagoPete, Day Lights looks super cool, and powerful. I am sure I will end up using this somewhere. I also think @JB10 is on to something, regarding an app mod. I had been hopeful I would be able to find an app to do it. Perhaps once I'm a bit more familiar with the coding I will give it a shot.

I really appreciate everyone's time and insight. Thank you.

Hey @OldChicagoPete,
I am still quite new to Hubitat, and still learning the vocabulary. Is there a specific setting in Day Lights that would allow the bulbs to behave as @lairdknox is describing? That is, for a bulb to change temp k based on the brightness?

To clarify, I am referring to the brightness of the bulb itself, not the ambient brightness of the room :slight_smile:

That would not work in Day Lights nor really any circadian solution. I think the question is, do you want this to be automated or have manual control of each light? The Rule Machine example is more control like where you would set the brightness of the bulb and the rule would set the color temperature.

Day Lights would be more of an automated solution. You would set the parameters (e.g. 10% brightness at 2000K for sunrise and sunset). From there, Day Lights would automate your bulbs to both increase in color temperature (say 3500) and brightness (100%) for the middle point between sunrise/sunset. In this example, if you turned on the lights at various points, you would get something like the following:

Sunrise - 10% brightness at 2000K
10am - 50% brightness at 2700K
Midpoint - 100% brightness at 3500K
3pm - 50% brightness at 2700K
Sunset - 10% brightness at 2000K

Day Lights is adjusting the bulb's color temp and/or brightness based on time of day, specifically the times between sunrise and sunset.

I think the rule that @lairdknox posted will do the trick for you. In fact I've got a little home-grown dimming rule that I might incorporate the extra-orange logic myself.

This WORKS!!
Thank you so much!
This is exactly what I knew was possible,

I really appreciate it

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Good to hear. It isn’t pretty but if it gets the job done. :blush: