Color synchronizing multiple Inovelli RGBW bulbs (LZW42)

I've tried multiple approaches but nothing seems to work .. I can't imagine I'm the only one to have this challenge - so I'm open to suggestions (or solutions that others have found).

The Scenario is that I have a room with a z-wave switch (currently and loadless, non-dimmer), two Inovelli RGBW zwave bulbs, and an Amazon Echo. The goal is to control both of the bulbs on/off via the switch, dimming handled via the Echo (for now), and color changes via the Echo exclusively ... An individual bulb can also be turned of via the Echo leaving just one on. Individually, everything works fine, and even the on/off/dimming; but getting the bulbs to synchronize their color setting continues to allude me.

I use @jwetzel1492 Switch bindings, but this does not synchronize color, and neither does the built in mirror app for some reason (despite indications that it might)

My best solution was to bind the physical switch bi-directionally to a virtual rgbw bulb, and then use a one way binding from the virtual rgbw to the two physical bulbs. On/Off and Dimming all worked, color does not.

Then I tried to a one-way binding to a single physical rgbw bulb, and then created a mirror between the two bulbs. Again, on/off/dimming worked, but color does not. This prevents a single bulb from being able to be turned off, but it was worth a shot to see if it worked.

Then I tried to create a rule based on color change, however, I couldn't find any mechanisms in rule machine to read a setting from one device and write it into another (it may be there and I just don't know how to do it)

There were several other things I tried, but those were longshots and proved less fruitful than these. Any bright ideas for this?

I use Groups and Scenes. Group both bulbs to whatever switches you wish or trigger the group by verbal (Alexa) or Rule Machine. I can change color, dim etc just fine.

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I've never tried groups and scenes ... and, honestly, I don't think I would have ever thought to.

Thanks! I'll give this a go and see if it fits the bill.


This appears to work perfectly .. thanks.

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Fantastic! Make sure you update to the latest bulb beta firmware too....


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hmmmm.... I'd add color control to Switch Bindings, but I don't have any RGBW bulbs in my house for testing... I may have to make a purchase...

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