Color settings on Sylvania A19 RGB LED no working

The bulb pairs automatically selecting the "generic zigbee RGBW Light".
Unfortunately no color setting will take. Bulb model A19 TW.
Am I missing something in the device set up?
Current States shows "hue" 0, When I try and adj "Set Color" to 100, it does not hold.

Any suggestions would be great.

Welcome sir. I believe the wrong driver was selected. What's the model number of your bulb? The model# is printed on the base of the bulb.
Try the Generic Zigbee Bulb CT driver, which is correct for A19 TW(tw=tunable white)
The A19 RGBW is the model for the color bulbs

It does select the wrong driver for the Sylvania tunable white bulbs. Unfortunately, using a rgbw driver won’t make the bulb have color, which is why selecting a color doesn’t work. You can either use the generic zigbee CT driver or the Advanced Zigbee CT driver. Both work with the one I have.

Can someone get me the device fingerprint for this bulb?, then I'll add it to the advanced driver.

Thanks for the help. The model printed on the blub is 74696. I tried the following drivers: Generic Zigbee RBGW Light & Advanced Zigbee RGB & RGBW, no luck.
I connect the bulb to Alexa directly and it works.



That would be the dimmable bulb (not rgbw or tunable white)

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