Color Light Manager?

I'm slowly changing all the lights in my house from standard bulbs to RGBW bulbs. I now have at least 25 different color bulbs and several strips throughout the house. I'm would love to have some app that would be able to change colors of the lights based on holidays, time of day, certain warning modes, etc. without having to manually control dozens of different bulbs.

Years ago, I had something (can't remember what it was now) that would change certain lights to various colors based on the forecasted temperature for that day. This is just an example of what I'm looking to automate... Plus, I'm not looking to automate ALL the lights, either. Maybe randomize which lights get changed - for example, most of my rooms have 4 color lights in them; maybe for holidays or notifications, 2 of the lights in each room would be changed based on the holiday / event. If it's Halloween, the color would be orange, if it's Christmas time, the color would be red/green.

This may be a pipe dream; but does anyone have anything like this setup? There may be other features I'm not even thinking of too.

I'm using Hubitat and Home Assistant at the moment. Would consider adding yet another controller / app if I can achieve this.

Lighting Effects or Event Engine? Lighting Effects works fine for my use, but you might get some advanced features by using the incorporated Event Engine.

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Thanks for the suggestions, @neonturbo.

I got sidetracked on upgrading my C5 to C7, so will get back to this once I'm stable again.