Color inidcator for multiple hubs

Problem: When logged into multiple hubs/tabs it can be hard to distinguish which hub you are on if you have more than 1.

Feature Request: Add a colored header bar across the top of the page that you can set in settings (ie red/blue/green etc) as a visual indicator what hub interface you are using.

I've used this methodology on computer systems for a while (logged into a dev server or production) and it's always been useful.

It's nitpicky but for people with multiple hubs it would be nice visual que (And oh you hubitat employees how nice to distinguish between personal and dev hubs!)


label maker or colored electrical tape

i'm able to distinguish based on the label (C-5 vs C-7), but if they were both the same model, i would most likely label it

On the web interface not the actual box :slight_smile:


Ooo, you can name them. On the bottom left, it gives the hub name

Yeah, that's ok, but when you are switching tabs your eyes are at the top. It's workable but not optimal.


I have a folder in my bookmarks bar.. called "All Hubs" and I right click and select "Open All in New Window". That way they are always organized in the same order. I throw in Node-Red into the folder too and so I have an entire browser window dedicated to the entire complement of "hub tabs" that are, Left-to-Right, a predictable order.

Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 12.06.49 PM

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team this up with a static IP (or IP reservation) and that's how i do mine

I completely support this feature request. I have to look 3 times at the IP address before I add/delete things from my hub or it seems I end up working with the wrong one.

There is one change that should be easy that I would like to see, a larger font for the hub name on the footer. (see arrow on picture)

Optionally, they could add the hub name to the menus, or the header like I (badly) added below.

I recently heard an expression I hadn't heard before.... "is the juice is worth the squeeze"

The unfortunate fact is, that Customers with multiple hubs are much more highly represented here in the Community forum than in the real world. In terms of "juice" then, there would be a very small set of people that benefit.

I'd have expected Hubitat to have put "Hubitat" in the page title... if only for the advertising. :slight_smile: "" has a title page of "Google Maps" and thus they get that minuscule bit of free advertising. :slight_smile: "Hubitat Dashboard" does follow that example.

Like you... this request would help ME... so I would vote for it too BUT in setting my expectations, the "lack of juice" tells me to not expect this to be close enough to the top,


Well, they do call it a feature request not feature demand, never hurts to ask!


I am using a super simple "Violent Monkey" (similar to Tamper Monkey) script to change background color to easily tell when I'm on one hub or another..

edit: Note: on the C-5 I also removed the "subscriptions" element as a test from a prior thread. I don't really mind if it's there or not though.

edit2: Here's the script if anyone's interested.. just replace "HUBx IP ADDRESS" with appropriate hub ip addresses and add/copy or remove case statements as needed.

Violentmonkey Script to change hub bgcolor

// ==UserScript==
// @name        HE_UI_Tweaker
// @namespace   Violentmonkey Scripts
// @match       *://*/*
// @grant       none
// @version     1.0
// @author      erktrek
// @description 4/13/2021, 11:03:14 AM
// ==/UserScript==

switch(window.location.hostname) {
    case "HUB1 IP ADDRESS": = "white";
    case "HUB2 IP ADDRESS": = "lightblue";
	  // Testing removal of subscription element..
      var oElem = document.querySelector("a[href^='']");
    case "HUB3 IP ADDRESS": = "#9D7F61";