Color animation questions

  1. seems to not work correctly with duration.. i have 60000 with a 30k variability which to me would me eachs lasts one minute +/- 30 seconds.. see logs it is very quick changing...

  2. on that note i want longer times that one minute.. i sometimes like scenes to last 15 mintes etc.


figured out part one.. rule was different thqt displayed params.. hit save again and that works.. no if we could just get longer times avail. thanks

next question i dont see a way to turn this on and off with a rule.. only the start/stop from the app..

shouldnt it be exposed as a switch that we can turn on off. for scheduling etc. thanks.

found it thanks.. creates a switch called "whatever" connector.

Sure, I can do that...



My english is hardly good enough to make hubitat turn on/off...
I do find out a lot by trying.
But i made a 'color animation'... even shows up in the list with apps.
I just can't seem to find how to use it or trigger it.
Any luck there is a manual or something from start to finish... meaninh 'using it'?

@gopher I second this... Would be nice if we could just turn it on and let it go and cycle until we set the rule to turn off. Particularly nice when you have something like a holiday and you want your lamp post to fade in and out red and white or 4th of july when you want red, white, and blue fade in/out.

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To use it (without needing to go into the Color Animation app each time), look in your Devices list. There will be a device with a name like the one you set up for the app. This device is a switch you can turn on or off to start or stop the animation, and you can use it from any app that supports switches. For example, Basic Rule can turn this switch on to start the color animation in response to whatever "trigger" you want in the Basic Rule. You could add it to Alexa or Google Home to turn on by voice. You could add it to a dashboard to turn on or off with a dashboard tile.

...just to name a few possibilities. :slight_smile:


Every animation creates a connector switch named " connector". You can turn that on and off to start/stop the automation from RM or any other app capable of manipulating switched.


I made a color animation... but that's it... nothing in my device list, no connector or name of my device 'test'. when try to open it with the app page it gives me a error and direct me to the logs...
And this what i got...

tried removing app totally, reboot, re-install color animation app, reboot, remake 'test' color animation,...always the same result.
Running a C5 if that makes a difference.
Tried it on RGB ledstrip from Gledopto and Philips hue bulb

Thanks for clearing that up!

This is a color bulb thing?
Video or it didn't happen.

That's a bit confusing- would be better if the word "connector" was "animation"

One thing to add- why doesn't 0ms in transition work? When I put in "0", it reverts to 100 when I save the action. I have to put in "1" in order for it to work.

If I'm not too late to the party, I would like to ask a question on this topic. I have the problem that when a color animation is triggered to turn OFF via the connector, it continues to cycle through the animation until the last step before it stops. I have it set to turn off the lights when it stops and I only have 4 steps in the animation each 5 seconds, so in the worst case its about 20 seconds from when I triggered OFF to when it actually turns off. Is there any way to interrupt an animation and make it stop immediately when its triggered to stop? I'm a few weeks a noob on a C8 with Loving everything about it so far except this annoying feature that I can't find a way around.