Collection of undocumented functions [duplicate topic]

For whatever reason, the Hubitat team is hiding important (in my opinion) functions from their customers and I was wondering, if anybody has a collection of these. I am specifically looking for the log reset as this has been an issue for several years and clearly does fall on deaf ears with Hubitat. I know there is a function / URL that cleans out the logs, but I cannot find the comment anymore.
Another hidden function is the factory reset ( http://:8081/?fullui=yes ) - without that function and resetting the hub, nobody would even be able to sell them (without sharing the full configuration).

If there are any additional useful URLs, please share here, so we have this in one place - or Hubitat devs, stop this nonsense and include these functions in the menus where they belong.


FYI, this is false.


How would you then remove all configuration and get it "factory reset"?

Hidden, in my opinion has a negative connotation. I'd like to call it "not advertised", as in "need to know basis".

When the full reset was out in the public, we have seen too many customers misusing it and then wondering why they couldn't restore backups and needed to re-pair and re-include every device. Moreover, those who restored backups and reset devices ended up with duplicate devices and in a worse situation than before resetting the hub. For this reason, if anyone needs to fully reset a hub, we created less nuclear process to avoid calamities.

If you have any questions about the full reset, you can always tag @support_team and we would be more than happy to walk you through on how to reset your hub so you don't have to share its "full configuration" if you decide to sell it.


Reset the radios and then do a soft reset. There's a tick box for clearing the logs if memory serves correctly.


Follow the instructions in this document:


Maybe next time, rather than assuming there’s some nefarious plot against users, just ask if there’s a history to any of the decisions staff made?

Like this for example:


As described in the documentation, linked to previously by @bobbyD, and described by @FriedCheese2006.

To be honest, that's not the only inaccuracy in your post. How about this one?

Did you consider consulting the documentation? I mean, far from being "hidden", it is actually published :grinning:


This part has already been addressed on your post from June 25th. Are you still unclear how logs can be reset? Might want to review your older post:

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So, explain the reason that users cannot delete/reset log files and the log includes information from already removed devices/apps. The function is there....

Are you joking? To clean up logs, a backup, reset and restore is required? And that is a "valid" solution in your books? Seriously? Very similar stupidity as having to go through a process to do a simple factory reset.
I know that there is a simple URL that cleans up all logs and Hubitat makes people jump through hoops to accomplish a simple log clean up?

danabw: It is not about a conspiracy, just about the most basic usability of Hubitat. Basic question is how to delete old log entries. Hubitat's response is "take a backup, do a soft reset, then restore the backup". Seriously? A similiar idiotic approach is required to do a factory reset of a device. Again - seriously?
There are functions implemented that achieve the exact same via a simple URL and some people know about these. As long as Hubitat refuses to share that information freely, requesting other users to share these is the only way to make Hubitat more usable.

There isn't one. The only one that offers optional removal of log files is the Soft Reset by checking the "Also clear past logs" box:



It accomplishes exactly the same without running the risk of someone using it accidentally and killing their automation setup.

I’m sorry you find that difficult to comprehend.


The two are not even remotely comparable. Again, I'm sorry you are unable to perceive that.


@TheGerman thank you for your feedback. We understand that the current process isn't your ideal solution. I have passed your feedback to our engineers for future consideration.