[Code Freeze] Room Director - Smarter rooms, automatically!

New version on Github...

1.0.1 - 04/16/20 - Code cleanup

1.0.3 - 04/16/20 - Fixed pause duration error

Poor Bryan, it looks like everyone is trying their best to break his apps. Must be lots of people with free time trying new things this last couple weeks.



Thanks Bryan.

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New version on GitHub...

1.0.4 - 04/24/20 - Fixed lights not respecting new motion after warning

Thanks. I did notice that since I'm working from home. Have you thought about maybe adding a switch to turn on in notifications so you can trigger flasher?

Man do we keep you busy!!

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Hey @bptworld, V1.0.4 does not appear to fix the new motion after warning as intended.

And it also created another bug where it puts the action specified in 'Repeat Option' in a loop with the specified time. In my case, a loop was created to turn my light off every 30 seconds

Rolled back to V1.0.3 for now.

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred thousand times... Post a log or it didn't happen! :roll_eyes:

Seriously, this is what controls every light in my house and nobody has complained here. And trust me... they would! lol


Hi Bryan, that's more than fair.

Please don't get upset or feeling annoyed.

Like I said in my post, I am very happy with the app and I am not asking or expecting you to make a fix. I am merely letting you know a bug that I found.

I will recreate the bug and post a log later when I get home.

No problem, trust me I don't get upset or annoyed (well, sometimes :wink:). I do have some physical and mental handicaps since my stroke so words sometimes don't come across the way I think they mean. It's a struggle but life is good!

Keep the bugs and suggestions coming ... just be sure to include a log, lol.


Hi @bptworld, I have recreate the bug, logs below. Hope this helps.

My room director setting is:

Activation type: Motion Sensor
Lights stay on: 1 minute
Occupied: Hallway Light On, Testing Switch On
Unoccupied: Hallway Light Off, Testing Switch Off
Repeat on/off: 30seconds

In v1.0.4, the repeat on/off keeps firing every 30 seconds

Rolled back to v1.0.3 for new motion after warning bug

Motion detected, light and testing switch on, then went into warming mode after 1 minute of motion sensor became inactive

New motion detected, light brighten up but switched off 30 seconds after first entered warning mode

Please give 1.0.5 a try

1.0.5 - 04/27/20 - Chasing a gremlin

Any possibility of having the ability to turn a switch on when time is expiring so you can trigger flasher or something else along with a message?

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Go ahead and give the new version a try...

1.0.7 - 04/28/20 - Added a Switch option to Notifications


Light switch for the room overhead lights is not turning off after 30 seconds.



New version on GitHub...

1.1.0 - 05/31/20 - Override switch now supports multiple switches

Still not turning the light switch off after the 30 second reminder on GH. I have to set the switch to turn off after 30 seconds in the Device Unoccupied options


You cut off the log right when it was about to turn the light off. Please post the next batch of lines.

The last log entry is where it ends. I waited for a minute after the announcement.


Any updates Bryan? Thanks

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