[Code Freeze] - Lighting Effects

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I use that driver with Osram zigbee bulbs and with Sylvania light strips and the colors work as expected.

Hopefully, they will know what's going on with the Sengled bulb.

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I'm really sorry for being thick here, but where do i do this. It's not showing up in the app and there is no option when I look at the device.
Sorry to ask the obvious.

EDIT: I'm using a Hue Lighstrip BTW.

I found this app when I search Christmas, I installed the Garden Hue app from your port folder and it works without the 360 hue, I'm testing 1 Sengled and 1 Yeelight, both working and same colors

Inside the bulb device

If that option is not available in your device driver then this device can't be used with this app. Sorry.

OK . Thanks.
It's not showing up.
It's the stock Hubitat hueBridgeBulbRGBW driver.

Ah, you are correct. This bulb will work perfect without that option! It's actually the reason I added that in, I needed to send the packet to the Hue bulbs a certain way. So on 'other' bulbs we need to flip that option.

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll change up the wording. :grin:

Thought I was going mad there.
(To late for that)!!!!! :smile:

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New Version up on Github...

  • V1.1.7 - 12/19/18 - Changed some wording - 'Enable Hue in degrees (0-360)', added 'Not necessary for Hue bulbs'

No need to upgrade, just changed some wording that was incorrect! Thanks!

I like the new wording, so I upgraded. :hugs:


It's the little things sometimes that make the most difference!


New version available...

V1.1.8 - 12/20/18 - Fixed a nasty bug in Fast_Color_Changing.


Thanks for the update, I figured out how to make it work without the 360 change on each device.

At the parent app, in advanced each color has Level, but in the child, at least for fast color changing there is brightness level, how both levels work? I believe the child level overwrite the parent so why it's there?


New version on Github...

V1.1.9 - 12/30/18 - Updated to my new color theme. Removed duplicate Level field from Fast and Slow Color Changing.

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Thanks for the update. After the update for some reason it changes the level of bulbs to 1 instead the levels on advanced settings. Could you verify?

Feature request if possible, transitioning time between colors. Some bulbs have this integrated, some not, Sengled bulbs change from one color to the other in maybe 100ms, Yeelight takes about 1000ms.

Thank you.

I did some testing on a zigbee Osram bulb before I put out the new version and didn't see any issues. I can do some more testing tomorrow.

As for transition time, that is usually set in the driver. After doing a quick search, looks like there is all kinds of issues when trying to do anything with it from an app. Each type of bulb works a little different, if it supports it at all. Don't think this will be on my radar any time soon.

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Can I get a copy of the previous version? For testing proposes, it was working but with the Level that was set at the child app. No rush.


I added a prev folder to the Lighting Effects folder on Github. I had started to make other changes to that file but I think I got it back to the way it was for you.

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It works! Thanks for the consideration.

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I tried to copy the code of the child app via RAW import. something doesn't work... tried with my phone and PC. Same result.

Any ideas? the first symbol for example?

Don't know if possible with this app but I want basically just creat a wake up light that turns from red to daylight in a certain time.

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