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Exactly. Can't do dimming and color change within the same child app, just one of the other. For dimming it works best to create a seperate child for each device. Gives an awesome random effect. Also by creating separate child apps, you can adjust the rate that the dimming happens. So some devices could be fast and others slow. Depending on the effect that item needs.

Enter the delay between actions - Big number = Slow, Small number = Fast *

So assuming this is milliseconds? Be nice to display what the time measurement is. :smile:

This number is used in an equation to determine the delay between actions. The delay can be any number between 0 and the number entered. So really, that's just the max time it can delay between actions. But again, it's random.

I'm confused...what's the "max" number?

The number you put in the box is the max delay. Just play around with it and you'll see what I mean.

New version out today...

V1.1.3 - 10/26/18

  • Added portions of ST apps 'Slow Raiser' and 'Dimming Slowly' - 2015 Bruce Ravenel (@bravenel ). Modified into 'Slow Off', 'Slow On' and 'Slow Loop' routines. Thanks Bruce!
  • Lots of little things fixed, spell checked, etc.
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Nice app, and it works well with my linked Hue hub, however the colors aren't super accurate. The purple comes out pink and the other colors are slightly off too. Don't suppose there is a way to convert for use with hue lights? I could probably just update my source code, if anyone has the standard values needed for hue.

Exactly, I've found that each brand/type of bulb has a different color makeup. Once you find the colors you like...very easy to go in and edit the file.

The more I think about it though, it would be easy enough to have it user definable. Like the channel digits in the parent app of my IP2IR app. I should have an update out soon! Thanks for the idea, lol.


V1.1.4 - 11/03/18 - All colors are now defined in Custom Color Presets (Parent app). Colors now include Hue, Saturation and Level for better color control. All colors are customizable, create up to 15 colors in the Parent app. Be sure to turn on 'Enable Hue in degrees (0-360)' for each device used with this app.

I've been messing around with this, going to use it for Christmas lights, 6 RGBw bulbs to change at random.

I have it setup now that when a Virtual switch turns on it controls the 6 bulbs to cycle through the colors, red, green and blue at 10 seconds intervals.

I also setup a rule in rule machine that if the virtual switch of off and the bulbs are on they will default to act as a daylight bulb. This way if say after 3 am i just want them to act as regular bulbs they will change automatically.

Need to tweak things a bit as sometimes when the virtual switch goes off not all the bulbs are turning off.

New version:

  • V1.1.6 - 12/05/18 - Added 'Slow Color Changing' option. Lots of code cleanup. All child apps must be opened and saved again. Thanks

Thanks for your app, I just try it but when I try to choose the colors they are all null, are this something I must setup first? Thanks

Edit: saving the app fixed the problem, but now no color change and this error:

Any help is appreciated, thanks

Be sure to go into the parent app, open the 'Advanced Config' and then hit done to populate the fields.

Thanks for answering, unfortunately I tried but did not work, when I turn on the switch it turns on the 2 bulbs but no color change, here my setup, those 2 bulbs are Sengled color:

Well that did fix your first problem, you can now select colors in the dropdown. :wink:

So, on to the next issue...
I don't have any Sengled bulbs to test with so all I can do is offer suggestions.

First, did you go into each device selected and then 'Enable Hue in degrees...'?

Thank you, yes, I did, and that caused when I choose any color directly in the device in HE the bulb is different, if I choose red the bulb is green, but if I ask google to change it to red, it changes to red.

Setting with hue in degrees


Ahhhh Okay, so the app is working correctly... you just need to adjust the color values listed in the 'Advanced Config' portion of the parent app. Color values are different between brands...Hue, sylvania, etc.

For me, I used the built in color wheel within the device and wrote down the values for the colors I liked. Then just type them into the 'Advanced Config' page.

Ok, is that correct when I select the color red in the device the bulb changes to green? It only happened when I activated the hue in degrees.

That seems to be a problem with the driver then. Can I ask what driver they use? The bulbs might not support the option.

I've tested it with Hue bulbs, Generic Zigbee RGBW light driver and the Generic Zwave smart dimmer driver. Using several different brands of bulbs. The colors all look slightly different, but nothing like what your seeing.

Sure, they use the generic zigbee rgbw, I'm tagging @bravenel and @mike.maxwell, maybe they can give us more light. Thanks for your help.

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