Code bounty $$$

@jared.zimmerman just a heads-up regarding the @veeceeoh drivers, he has not been seen in the community since the end of February.

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thanks for the heads up, I know there's been a lot of stuff going on since January....

I will start moving mine soon, I won't want the bounty, just needed a push, cause I'm lazy...


Thinking about it again, this got me to collect myself and publish my own Xiaomi/Aqara drivers, they do have support for HPM.

So is this a $120 bounty or a $40 bounty :wink:

If anything, but it's not on your list exactly, is it? You decide what you want to do :wink:

Name your charity and I'll get things started


I'll ask my wife, she is the one choosing those things for us normally. I'll have an answer shortly :slight_smile:

@jared.zimmerman Please donate the bounty to the American Brain Tumor Association.


IKEAs in the SF bay area have been completely closed (no drive up pickups) and 38 day shipping timelines, but I have it on good authority that I'll be able to order for pickup on monday. Planning on getting a FLOALT tuneable white light panel and 2-3 of the SYMFONISK sound remotes, What I'm really excited about is if I can connect the SYMFONISK to the FLOALT and have twist control brightness and press + twist control white balance. I'm planning on wall mounting the FLOALT at eye level behind our desk for video calls, since the light in the office is so bad. The other SYMFONISK I was planning on connecting to the volume level of our "Whole house" speaker cast group and wall mounting one in the living room and one in the kitchen

I don't think so, I'm just using the IKEA hub, it wasn't usable fo me with HE.

Our IKEA reopened today for pickup, so I’ll have 2 Symfonisk remotes and the TRÅDFRI FLOALT lights be end of day tomorrow.

I will not have a driver done that soon, no time, as I said earlier, if someone else does it, please do :slight_smile: I will write one regardless, time frame is another matter. I have other drivers I will complete before I do this one, most likely. My biggest current concern is that these devices easily stay in testing mode after pairing and drains the batteries, the correct commands to send doesn't seem to be anything standard and sniffing traffic while connected to the IKEA gateway is difficult due to how they have implemented pairing. I'll sort it out, but since time is limited that may take a bit of time.

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Oh that’s ok, just volunteering to help with logs and setup and whatever.

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@zackrbrown are you...porting to HPM?

As soon as you migrate to HPM, I'm gonna shift all my vents over to Hubitat from the keen hub...

should be there.

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Great! Let’s me know what charity you’d like the bounty to go to and the name you’d like it under. Feel free to DM If you’d prefer to post it public.

I didn't realize HPM existed, definitely interested in porting to it.


Pick a charity you like, I do this for fun. Thanks for motivating me to get on hpm.

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Thanks @snell for V1 Release of Tesla Connect! Another bounty claimed (even though you didn't do it for the bounty!)

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