CocoHue Group issue with Room Lighting

I've just moved from the built-in Hue Integration to CocoHue and seem to have a strange issue with a group. I have imported 2 Groups into CocoHue, both contain 2 bulbs (Porch=colour, Hall=white)

Now when I add Porch to Room Lighting it looks like this, which seems correct

But when I do the same with Hall, I get the following. It sets type to null so I can't control them

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Try running a Set Color or Set Color Temperature command on the problematic group to make sure all attribute get populated, even though it probably won't do much with the actual devices, then try again.

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That did it, thank you!


Great! Note that if this is a White Ambiance bulb, you'll now want to change the activation mode to CT (or Switch or Dimmer), since RBG will likely not work.