Cobra One to Many

I noticed "Done" in the One to Many app doesn't exit out. So you have to click the menu on the left when you're done or it's an infinite loop. Just thought @Cobra might put it on the list of things to do. I'm doing my best to get all your code running on my Hubitat but the troubleshooting fans is hampering my automation mojo.

Cheers and thanks for the great apps!

Unfortunately, the 'grandparent', 'parent', 'child' configuration that I used for the Cobra Apps container is not really supported by HE

If you look around line 58 of the parent app you should be able to find this line...

parent: "Cobra:Cobra Apps", // ******** Comment this out if not using the 'Cobra Apps' container ***************

If you comment it out then reinstall the parent app it will no longer be in the Cobra Apps container so will not have this problem.


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