Cobra Apps - Restrictions

Since releasing the last update to most of my apps there have been quite a few questions regarding how the restrictions in the apps work and the best way to configure them.

So, @Royski has done his magic again and created a new page on the Cobra Apps website.
Thank you again Roy!

This should answer most questions on how to use the in-app restrictions.

The page is here:

If this doesn’t answer everything please let me know.



I am using your Temperature Controlled Single Speed Fan app. It works great but I do have a question on the restriction for Sunrise / Sunset. If for example let's say I set the Restriction for Sunset with 30 minutes and the Before option. This prevents the action from taking place until it is 30 minutes before Sunset. (Please correct me if I'm wrong) Once this time is passed and the action is allowed to take place, when does the Restriction go back into affect? Sunrise? If this is not the way it operates, I think that the Restriction of "Between" Sunrise and Sunset or vice versa would be a useful option as I do have one fan that I really only want to run during the daytime but still based on temperature. Thanks for any help!