'Cobra Apps' is dead... Long live 'Cobra' 'Apps'


The Cobra Apps Container
After some thought, I have decided to retire the 'Cobra Apps' 'grandparent' container.
I will no longer add any of my apps to the container, and will not make further updates to this app
Future releases of my apps will not require the container to install

However; if you wish to continue using Cobra Apps for existing parent/child apps you can do.
In the past, I have always marked the parent code of my apps (usually around line 50 -60 ) so that you could comment out any reference to the container if you wanted to use the parent/child 'outside' the container, as a stand alone parent/child

In future, I will reverse this.
Future releases of existing apps will still contain this code to be able to continue using the container, but it will be commented out by default.

One of the reasons for this is that it makes things easier for new users. (as they will no longer need to install the container to use any of my apps)
Another, is that I was previously forced to update the Cobra Apps container every time I created a new app.
You may have noticed that my recent releases do not use the container at all!



I’ll admit it. The topic made my heart stop and jaw drop. :relieved:

As always, thank you for your contributions to this platform.

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Andy, I love using your apps! I can really appreciate all the problems you have helped me solve with many of them!

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Boy George said it best " Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry"

Seriously, Thank you for all you do. You're part of why Hubitat is so freaking amazing !

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