Cloud-free EV charger?

Any recommendations for a (US) EV charger with no cloud obligation? - I'd like to be able to control it and retrieve data within my LAN and with no Internet connection.

(EV charger = charger for electric car)



We absolutely love our OpenEVSE kit! I never bothered to integrate it into Hubitat, but the local web interface is running and logging usage data into emoncms.

Just keep in mind that it isn't UL certified, which may be a problem with your insurance if your house burns down.....

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that one?

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Well it was nice of them to get that out of the way quickly so I did not waste too much time on it.

Not Available for export to Canada

How about the Tesla Wall Charger? That is, as far as I know, local. It has some API points and there is a Linux tool to read the data from it,

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I didn't realize that had local access. Very nice! My Tesla WC is older, without WiFi.

The OP didn't specify what type of car they have, so the Tesla WC might not work (without an adapter).

I wrote a basic driver for OpenEVSE in Hubitat for a user a while back, but I never shared it because I couldn't test it myself and I am not sure which versions of OpenEVSE it is compatible with. If anyone wants to try it just PM me and I'll give you access.


You are right, I forgot that Tesla has a proprietary plug in the US. Here in EU we have the Type 2 plug.

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Teslas in the EU have type 2 plugs? Do you also have a socket for fast charging?

Yes, they have Type 2, and then use what is called a CCS plug for DC fast charging. Basically a Type 2 with 2 additional prongs for DC: Tesla flips to CCS in Europe, what does it mean? – Electric Revs

Ah! That makes sense. That said, I don’t have a Tesla, but would much rather their standard got universal acceptance! So much more sleek!

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