Cloud end point trigger not visable

I can't seem to see a trigger I set up on a test rule 4.0, currently (but was the same on
I was playing with a rule to be triggered by Siri via Cloud end point as a trigger. Simple app, turns on some lights, created about 12/1. Anyway when I look at the app now, there is no visible trigger. If I select edit trigger, cloud endpoint is available but the drop down box is empty. I had to pause the app to make sure I was looking at the correct one. App seems to work fine but I couldn't tell you why. Is this a known bug?

Well two days with no comment. Most likely my description is unclear. Maybe time for @bravenel question.
I seem to recall recently about raising visibility of web-socket traffic in the logs. Is this planned for next release? Not a problem at the moment but if I had a complicated app and was trying to debug I would have no clue by looking at it to see whats happening. I'd post the rule but it's so simple there's no much to see. I set up a rule, triggered by endcloud to turn on a virtual switch, which I linked to IOS widgets, so it has one action. Seems I recall when working on it the endcloud trigger showed up on page two when the trigger action button was pressed. Now it;s only an empty grey box on the drop down.

Can't tell what's going on. Perhaps you should remove and recreate that rule.

The rule is working, just can't see why. Nothing in the logs for device or rule. Not a problem right now. I'll wait for the next release to see if the web-socket traffic shows up.
For now I'll just rename it to IOS widget triggered.

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