Cloud Down after Power Fail

I've had two recent power fails where the cloud connection did not reconnect. This hub is at a remote house, so it's just down until I physically get to the house and reboot the hub on the local network, which works fine. I know the internet is working because my cameras are working. The odd thing is that my notifications from Pushover worked after the first power outage, even though the hub didn't reconnect to the cloud. (I'm not sure if that's true after the second because I haven't been to the house yet.)

I use DHCP but have a router rule that assigns the hub to the same local IP address. It seems like some problems may have resulted from a static IP address. I do not have a separate firewall device or VPN.

It seems like the hub is not successfully re-trying its connection after a power fail. Is that true?

Are there any workarounds?

It's possible due to the rapid power outages that the database has become corrupt. If that has happened you will have to do a restore from backup. You should have it on a UPS with something like a Ring v2 extender around the house. Add in a wifi outlet to the hub and when the Ring v2 switches to battery for a set amount of time, you can have hubitat shutdown gracefully. When you see internet is back you can cycle the wifi outlet to bring the hub back up. Doing this will prevent corruption

The hub will try to auto-reconnect, periodically but not often. Rebooting the hub will force the auto-reconnect. There is a chance that the time drifted off during the power outage, which would cause the hub to not be able to connect to the cloud. Go to Settings >> Hub Details then click "Update Time from Browser".

As @rlithgow1 notes, a UPS basically solves this for most power outages. Our home was once our vacation property, 500 miles away and on an island with one other home that is occupied by the least technologically competent person I know. So, if we lost connection to the place, it was not easy to get it back until we returned. The alarm system was on its own battery backup so I installed a UPS for just the automation system (pre-Hubitat), and cellular-connected router and switch. That solved things for all but long, multi-day power outages. We had a backup generator installed soon after, and that solved the whole problem. Now that we've moved here permanently, we have Starlink (on its own UPS) and a wireless backup connection (WISP) that shares the router's UPS. Each Hubitat hub (switched to them maybe two years ago and very happy I did) has its own small UPS. Nothing ever goes down now. Give it a try.


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