Cloud dashboards and Amazon Alexa skill failing at same time 1/8/24--anyone else?

This morning, my cloud dashboards failed with a "hub not responding" error, although local dashboards worked fine. At the same time, all of my automations that use the Alexa skill also stopped working. The obvious answer was that my internet was down, but it wasn't.

I rebooted the HE and both issues resolved...for a few hours. This has repeated itself all day; I'm now on my third reboot (with a rebuilding of the database). I also disabled and re-enabled the Alexa skill, although it took a few tries to get it to successfully re-enable.

Is anyone else having this issue? I do see on the downdetector page that Amazon Web Services is having problems today, so hopefully that's it:

Believe that the HE cloud services are through AWS, so local control could remain, but anything requiring the cloud services would fail.